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Hello and welcome to my shiny, brand spanking new website! What do you think? I hope you like it, a lot of spoons went into it's creation.

This will be my hub on the internet where you will always be able to find where my books are available, news, happenings, what the squirrels are currently whispering into my ear, and so on. You know, SUPER important things.

On this blog I will occasionally share things about my life and stuff that pertain to my stories. Behind the scenes peeks into how I write, tidbits about the characters, and any other shenanigans or events relevant to the books.

So welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy my work and we can become bestest friends forever and ever!

Or we can just talk about books. That too. :)

P.S. The cat in the display picture's name is Mimi, and she is a very soft girl yes she is!

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