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Paperbacks Oh My!

Hello my friends! I have been working my best to make Escape widely available. I am excited to announce that we are available in paperback on Amazon!

I honestly can't express how amazing it felt to see my book in print for the first time. This is my dream come true. For years I imagined myself looking at my written work in real book form, but until recently it never felt real, like some unattainable goal that was for other people. I have learned that is called "impostor syndrome", which is the belief that you cannot do something because the world will realize you are doing something you aren't supposed to be doing. For me, one of my biggest mental roadblocks was the feeling that I didn't have a degree in English or creative writing and therefore wasn't allowed to write a book, or people wouldn't like my story. That belief is false. I had to learn that no matter my background, my work has value. People want to experience the world which I love so dearly.

That is my goal: share my stories with the world. I don't need to be super famous, a best selling author, revolutionize an industry, or so on and on. If someone finds enjoyment in my book, then I have succeeded. If a person reads my story and finds a character that reflects their identity, we have won. I want to write stories for people to enjoy.

Escape is currently available on Amazon (ebook and PAPERBACK! How exciting!), Kobo, Barns and Nobel, and Apple Books. The next (and possible final) platform will be, an independent publishing on demand website for anyone who wants an Amazon alternative.

I have so many stories waiting to be written, I can't wait to share them with you!

Stay safe and healthy my friend!

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