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A Unbowed Prequel


I will save my planet... at the cost of my soul.

The war for Earth rages, humanity giving everything they have to defend their home from the invading alien force. The enemy is empire, advanced, and their force is seemingly endless. The casualties and attacks have decreased recently, enough for the humans to plan a real defense.


Dr. Nakamura is the best geneticist on Earth. At the beginning of the invasion, he started working for the newly unified Earth Alliance. His job was to study the invading enemy force, find their weaknesses, and figure out how to stop them. He is almost there, but it has taken too long and the toll of raging war is growing too crushing to handle. He must continue his terrible work, or his species will cease to exist.

He receives the missing piece of the puzzle right as the enemy suddenly attacks without warning. He must run and hide in the only safe place that remains. The only thing that matters to him is saving his planet. And his species.

“Cutoff” is the prequel of the Unbowed series. Start the journey!

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