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Escape cover 4.jpg
Escape: The Unbowed Book 1

The time has come.  Escape or die.


Miryu has always known she was different, a genetic hybrid of human and the enemy Trin. No one else on Sub Stat B, built down in the depths of the ocean two decades ago to hide from the invading Trin, knows about her mixed heritage. Now something terrible, wonderful, and scary is happening: her Trin genes are beginning to show. Blue skin, blue hair, and blue eyes don't fit in with the strict humans-only community. Her only option is to escape the undersea world that she has known all her life - or be executed by leadership. Escaping Sub Stat B is only the beginning of a bigger adventure!


Escape is the first book in the fresh, unique Unbowed series.  If you like aliens, tech, and fighting against fascism this book is for you!


Buy Escape and discover the adventure today!

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